Providing Exceptional 24-Hour Senior Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Replace worry with confidence

Devoted Care Inc. provides 24-hour senior care in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We have a network of health care professionals who are available to offer instant care when needed. You'll feel safe and confident knowing your loved one is getting comprehensive care on a consistent basis.

If you need a facility in Bloomfield Hills, MI that provides 24-hour senior care, call now to speak with a member of our team.

assisted living for seniors

What can you expect upon arrival?

Our intimate facility only holds five residents at a time. If you're searching for 24-hour senior care that'll make your loved one feel like home, check out our admission process:

  • We'll conduct an initial visit and personal assessment
  • Your loved one will undergo a physical examination
  • We'll assess their specific diet, medial and physical needs

Choose us for top-notch care. From the moment you walk into our facility up until the moment that you leave, you're guaranteed to feel safe and confident in your decision.

Searching for 24-hour senior care in Bloomfield Hills, MI? Call 313-960-0934 now to speak with a member of our team.